Location, Location, Location – 10 Worst States for Retirement Living

Where does one spend their golden years?  A recent USA Today article identifies the 10 worst states for retirement living – at least according to a recent MoneyRates survey. The list was developed using data from 5 major categories, including: senior population; economic conditions [including taxes, cost of living, and unemployment (more seniors are working into their “retirement” years)]; crime; climate; and senior life expectancy. The 10 worst (and reasons why):

10. Alabama. Retirees face a shorter life expectancy and high crime rate.
9.   Michigan. Ranks below average in every category except senior population size.
8.   New York (tie). Low rate of property crime offset by poor climate and below average economic conditions.
8.   Maryland (tie). Offers retirees a high cost of living, high crime rate, and a small senior population.
8.   Georgia (tie). Good climate, but ranks below average in every other category.
5.   Nevada. 2nd worst violent crime rate in the country, plus a poor economy and shorter senior life expectancy.
4.   Illinois. Poor economic conditions and smaller than average senior population size.
3.   Tennessee. Ranks poorly because of high crime rate and shorter life expectancy.
2.   Louisiana. High crime rate, short senior life expectancy, and small senior population.
1.   Alaska. Brutal climate, high cost of living and a weak labor market. Ranks below average in every category.

Please read the entire article here.