Disinheriting an Heir – To Include Is Not To Exclude.

A recent case out of Nebraska dealt with a question whether a deceased father intended to disinherit his daughter in his will. The case, In re Estate of Michael R. Brinkman, 308 Neb 117 (2021), shows us the importance of clear and unambiguous writing in legal documents, including a will. Michael Brinkman died in 2016 […]

Contending With Accelerated Distributions Under The SECURE Act – Disclaimers

By now, most of you are aware of the massive changes made by the SECURE Act to the IRA distribution rules. These new rules affect the beneficiaries of IRAs or other tax deferred retirement accounts whose owners die after December 31, 2019. Under the new rules, most non-spouse beneficiaries must completely liquidate an inherited IRA […]

IRS Issues New RMD Life Expectancy Tables

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued new RMD (required minimum distribution) life expectancy tables to be used by account owners and beneficiaries to calculate RMDs from traditional IRAs and other retirement accounts. The new tables are effective for RMDs taken after 2021. Those who take only the minimum amount required by the IRS each year […]

Inheriting an Inherited IRA – It’s complicated!

In my last post, I outlined the key points to keep in mind when dealing with an inherited IRA. Unfortunately, the discussion may not end there. You may be the successor beneficiary of a previously inherited IRA. In this situation, the IRA or other account was inherited by a prior beneficiary following the account owner’s […]

A Few Pointers About That IRA You Just Inherited.

According to Forbes Online, the largest private transfer of wealth will take place over the next 30 – 40 years as members of the Baby Boomer generation pass their wealth on to younger generations. Some estimates are that $30 trillion will change hands. A large portion of that wealth is held in tax deferred or […]